Take the time to write

Journalling is a powerful tool for introspection and growth. It’s a daily routine that could change your life, and all it takes is a pen and notebook.


I have been journalling for the past 17 years. My first entry was when I was 13 years old. My tattered pile of journals document every phase of my life from that point up until now…high school, boyfriends, heartaches, special friendships, family dramas, overseas travels, getting married, starting a family, starting a business and everything in between.

Let me be clear, journalling is not necessarily like keeping a diary. It is not about recording the events of my life but rather about how these things effect me and who I am. It’s about discovering what makes me me, what excites me, scares me and interests me. It’s about taking all the things that go on in my head and putting them down on paper where I can make sense of it and learn from it.

I write in my journal as if I am talking to God so in essence they are my written prayers. If you are a fellow believer, this is an amazing way to strengthen your faith and see how God’s hand has guided your life. You can see how your prayers have been answered and deepen your relationship with Him.

benefits of journalling

I write when I am angry. I write when I’m sad. I write when I’m excited or working through a specific issue. I write to write because the act of writing is so therapeutic. These journals are not meant to be read. I have given my husband full permission to read my journal with one condition: he has to read all of it. So, no he is not ready to make that kind of commitment yet. Journalling has been a huge outlet for me, a way to sort through my emotions.

Looking back at previous entries, I can see how much I have learnt and changed but also I sometimes need to be reminded of lessons I have learnt years ago, to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Journalling makes it easier to have some time alone. This can be very difficult for some people, especially in our world of social media. It helps you know yourself and be comfortable with your thoughts and feelings.

where do i start

Just like that…you start! Get a notebook, a pen, a cup of tea and a comfy chair and away you go. The more you do it, the easier it will become. There is no right or wrong way to journal, you just need to find your way. Some people incorporate drawings, photos or other items. For me, its just words. I have listed some questions below to prompt you. Use them if you feel stuck or just write whatever is on your heart at that specific time.

The following list of questions will help you get your words flowing.

  • List 10 things you are grateful for.
  • What do you fear?
  • Who do you admire? Why?
  • What strengths do you have that you hide? Why?
  • The two moments I’ll never forget in my life are… Describe them in great detail, and what makes them so unforgettable.
  • My favorite way to spend the day is…
  • If I could talk to my teenage self, the one thing I would say is…
  • I couldn’t imagine living without…
  • When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…
  • Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely support you, and who you can genuinely trust. (Then make time to hang out with them.)
  • I really wish others knew this about me…
  • If my body could talk, it would say…
  • Using 10 words, describe yourself.
  • What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general?
  • What can you learn from your biggest mistakes?
  • I feel most energized when…

I hope that you can tap into the magical art of journalling.

Give it a try, you never know…


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